“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

– Netzche

Dreaming is becoming increasingly difficult in a world where people are wrapped up in their daily routines. We often forget to think…to live. I set out to share some thoughts because thoughts are what connect people; and their dreams.

The issue of racism and my personal experience of being a Chinese South African growing up in post-Apartheid South Africa and now living in Australia, has sparked an interest in human relations and the way we treat each other.

“What does freedom mean to you?” was the first video project by BigQFilms launched in the summer of 2013, designed to encompass the amalgamation of internal and external conflicts on race I experienced.

I envisioned creating a platform, whether it be online or in the form of small life changing yet deeply fulfilling and thought provoking discussions held in all countries around the world. The idea that the internet was created to unite people has never been more necessary than now.


The project aims to show that across continents, in various educational institutions, businesses and cities, people from all walks of life, are able to unite on one common ground: the fundamental thought that we are humans with big questions often forgotten and lost.


Why film?

Film has a way of bringing people to life, telling stories like no other medium. In a sense, we feel closer to people when we are able to connect with them as if they are right in front of us – when we can see them, and hear directly what they have to say.

This is a place for travelers to share stories they have seen and for people to learn from each other. Historians, scientists, lawyers and all other humans alike, lets stand together and share what we have learned in the world. What better location to begin than in your own country, yet while meeting and discovering people from all over the world.

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