What is race to David Bovey Wang?

David is a student at the University of Sydney studying philosophy, Chinese studies, and media and communications. He was born and raised in Sydney after his parents moved from Northern China.

“I’m part of a Chinese diaspora, and I identify as such, at least more so than as an Australian. As a result of this hybrid identity, and because of the added complexity of living in a settler colonial nation-state, I’ve been much more comfortable taking on the role of ‘global citizen’.” – David

Movement, then, is a very important part of who he is and it is something which he is accustomed to; and something that he looks forward to.

“Moving between borders and seeing other people has helped me better understand my being in the world in a very fundamental way.” – David

This video is intentionally filmed without sound, the interpretation thereof is at the discretion of the viewer.


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