Video Submission Project 2015: “What Is Race?”

What does race mean to you?

2015 – Guidelines:

Submit a one minute piece concerning your answer/interpretation of the question: “What is race?”

Answers should be both personal and original, and the final compilation of answers will be posted on the BigQfilms Website.


· Topic for 2015?

“What is race?”

· Final length of presentation?

~1 minute

· Requirements?

Submit something you believe reflects your best work and something, which you would be proud to present. The submission must be YOUR PERSONAL interpretation of the topic. You do NOT have to be a professional filmmaker, amateurs are welcome.

· Submissions could be:

  • Footage of an event/place/people etc.
  • Music/Song/poem (Self-written) – filming of you/someone else performing it.
  • Powerpoint with voice over of a poem or song etc. you have written.
  • Journalistic interview format
  • Narrative
  • Documentary – political, social, humorous, serious, sad, personal opinion
  • ANYTHING really,.. be creative and think of innovative ways to get your message across!! This is NOT an exhaustive list of options, it is merely a guide to those completely lost!

· DEADLINE for submissions?

1 August 2015

· What camera should I use?

Whatever camera you own – Even high quality phone cameras can be used. (Try use the highest resolution camera you personally have access to)

· Where should I submit my video?

Email through your submissions to:


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